Hall of Fame
1. GreiS 28/02/2009 WONDERFUL!!!!! I liked this one too Tamm!! last level is sooooo cute!!!!!!
2. Shaharc 28/02/2009 Great riddle, Tam:D I really enjoyed the memories of the movies and tv shows. You missed quite a few good ones, so I think a sequel is in order;)
3. Chantilly 28/02/2009 A lot of fun, Tam, thank you.
4. Spice1 28/02/2009 Thanks Tammy - there were great fun! Thanks, too, Dee, Chantilly, Val and Greis for the help along the way. *hugs
5. Deecee 28/02/2009  
6. Angua 01/03/2009 Finally made it, some really hard levels there, thx for all the help
7. Balmoral 01/03/2009 Thanks! Great riddle, although I was sometimes a bit frustrated ;)or confused.
8. Cathybay1 01/03/2009 Cool riddle! I really enjoyed it.
9. Chrisa.d 01/03/2009 i really enjoyed it so much. thanks tammy for the great job you did!!
10. Plastica 01/03/2009 Another beautiful riddle of yours, Tammy. You are already a great riddle creator. Thank you so much.
11. D girl 05/3/2009 Thanks Tammy for another wonderful riddle! Was brilliant.:)
12. Robert 09/03/2009 Thanks, Tamk. That was fun. And it reminded me of some good films.
13. Bronwyn/Aleatha 10/03/2009 Thank you TamK for this wonderful journey through world of movies :)
14. Crackers 11/03/2009 That was a really fun contest..Hope you do another one like it... thanks
15. Cae prince 11/03/2009 Hiya, Tammy!!! WONDERFUL and FUN puzzle! Had loads of fun doing it :D
16. Alleaffar 14/03/2009 BRAVO!!!!!!!!!! and as Italian I'm happy that several films are italian :-)))
17. Skittles 16/03/2009 merci beaucoup - eets vary hinteresting.Ope u make un autre.tanks to balmoral, dee-cee, d girl, and also tamk
18. Elle 22/03/2009 Another great riddle Tammy :) Some levels brought back memories. Enjoyed most of the soundtracks!
19. Epidamnou 22/3/2009  
20. Logfonseca 23/03/2009 Can't wait here in Brazil for Home Cinema 2!!!!
21. Sonialves 28/03/2009 Another wonderful riddle Tammy! Loved it! Thank you for doing all those amazing levels it! :)
22. Flossy k 29/03/2009 yeahh finished :) hard at times, but very enjoyable , thanks for making it :D
23. Frozzy 29/03/2009  
24. vlc5863 10/04/2009 Yay! I finished. That was fun TamK. Thank you. I look forward to your next one.:D
25. Domino 18/04/2009 Hi Tamk, I am sure you are relieved that I FINALLY made it!:D ty for all the help! and of course for the riddle.
26. itSFMe 21/04/2009 He hi:D Thank you so much for all your help - and even more for this wonderful Riddle.Really enjoyable, especially with all the songs:) Take care and thanks again :D
27. Mishu Anubis 12/02/2010 Really nice. I must re-see some of that movies and shows!
28. Khandi 19/02/2010 Now I've played all 3 of your riddles and I'm ready for the next one! :D
29. Lisa 16/04/2011 No way, you are THE BEST! Thanks Tammy for all the fun, the memories and and the wonderful afternoons you gave me! LOVE! :D
30. Luthorien 07/05/2011 One of the most amusing riddles ever!!!!! Thanks Tammy!!!! :D
31. Rovena 14/01/2013 Wonderful Tamk!! You deserve another oscar for this riddle!!
32. Geri mac 15/01/2013 Brilliant riddle TamK I really enjoyed it
33. Mary 15/01/2013 Congratulations! one more great, Thanks!
34. Cawulla 18/01/2013 Wonderful riddle TamK! Enjoyed it very much. Thanks!
35. LinR 20/01/2013 That was lots of fun! TamK, you are brilliant!
36. Pel45 23/01/2013 Thanks Tammy for making a terrific riddle. Really enjoyed it!
37. Tiffy 23/01/2013 loved it great job!!!!!!
38. Mtatt100 25/01/2013 Fantastic thanks for the riddle Tammy :)
39. Abraxxass 31/01/2013 Great riddle, I'm really sad that it is over. Thanks Tammy :)
40. linkinpark333 22/06/2014 Finally done. Some levels were hard for me, but I liked it :)
41. TbTn 12/07/2014 Thank you for excellent riddle. :)
42. Cmkelher 14/07/2014 It was a lot of fun!! Thanks!!!